Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Terminal Twilight and Zimmer

Today I thought I'd write about not one but two releases from Discotexas, to maximize your disco pleasure and to make up for our rather lazy blogging of late. Let's take them in order.

Zimmer is a young man who grew up in California and Paris, something you might hear in his laid-back yet chic music. "Cruisin'", released last week, works not only when cruising down to the beach to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean, but probably just as well cruising down Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Zimmer - Cruisin' by Discotexas

The upcoming release of Terminal Twilight's "Black and Blue" seems to have come about in a less than smooth way. It's actually a re-release of a deleted vinyl single, and managing to destroy most of their original tracks during a studio move meant they had to record a new version. The result is a nice deep disco tune with dub influences that will make you mix it with your old Basic Channel vinyls. The release also include great remixes from Lazydisco, Mirror People and Astrolabe, where my favourites are Lazydisco's funky disco house and Astrolabes electropop.

Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue (Lazydisco remix) by Discotexas

Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue (Astrolabe remix)

Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue (Mirror People remix)

Use the download buttons to buy these on Beatport. The dub version of the original is available in 160 kbps for free though!

Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue (Terminal Twilight dub version)


Anonymous said...

why no vinyl release of the remixes.?