Friday, April 29, 2011

Zombie video from GRS Club

When we were down in Paris beginning of April performing on the Shamrock Festival at Glazart we met GRS Club. They were one of the other bands doing their thing at the mini-festival. We really liked this French guy-and-girl duo, they were so energetic on stage and they did a really cool performance. I also love all the graphics around this band as a graphic design nerd I am.

After their gig we spend some hours backstage talking about everything in life ranging from parties and music to the meaning of life. And we also got the chance to get a sneak preview of their upcoming zombie video and now it's official along with the release of "Easy Rocket" out on well respected Boxon Records.

Get over here to buy the release along with remixes from Punx Soundcheck, The Boomzers, Tuff Wheelz and D.Vice. My favourite remix is by The Boomzers but we also got this other remix from Don Nola that didn't make it onto the release, but as good.

GRS club - Easy Rocket (Don Nola Remix) by donnola84