Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet Mauvais Cliché

Stockholm meets Paris and something new very interesting is born. Mauvais Cliché is the duo consisting of Stockholm based producer Johan Emmoth aka Le Prix and vocalist Jotta Hautanen aka Yota living in Paris. Le Prix is known to regular readers of Tracasseur and Yota has been doing stuff with Lifelike, Alan Braxe, John Dahlbäck and also been a part of the duo Frankfurt Express.

Mauvais Cliché on the other hand is an electronic dance music experiment formed during 2011 by Johan and Yota. With shared interests as red wine, low price cigarettes and retro American dance music they decided to collect all ideas under one roof, which became Mauvais Cliché.

I so much love the sound in "Stop Watching Me". Love how they mix the right now fresh 90s vibe along with some 80s synths. Together with Yota's fine voice it became a hit in my ears straight away!

Also when the EP is released on the legendary label Strictly Rhythm (for example released early Armand Van Helden) we can sense something bigger in this. The EP consists of 4 tracks; the original mix along with an extended one. Then two remixes, one from always awesome Lifelike and the other one from Louie The Lion. We got you two of the goodies down below and you can buy the whole EP at iTunes or Beatport.

Mauvais Cliché - Stop Watching Me (Extended Mix) by Tracasseur

Mauvais Cliché - Stop Watching Me (Lifelike Remix) by Tracasseur