Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rodion & Khan + The C90s

Got my hands of this fine remix by the The C90s the other day. The British male duo of The C90s have remixed Rodion & Khan's "Discoteca Romana", the title track of their 5-track EP with the same name released by La Belle Records. It's fine art made by The C90s to convert the track into something more of the italo-flavoured rhytms.

Rodion & Khan - Discoteca Romana (The C90s remix) by TheC90s

The EP "Discoteca Romana" is something that you also should get your hands on, because it's a mighty fine release. Three original tracks, where "Discoteca Romana" and "Let's Motor" sticks out as two tracks to play on repeat. But "If You Wanna Get Higher" is also a solid piece! Buy the EP at Beatport.

Rodion & Khan - Discoteca Romana by La Belle Records


Anonymous said...

I love this!