Sunday, July 19, 2009

Daroc is behind the wheel

This Depeche Mode cover by our French friend Daroc is not a new tune from him, but it's awesome! I believe it has not received that much recognition that it deserves.

The original track from Depeche Mode was the third single on the album "Music For The Masses" released 1987, and for me it's one of their greatest songs ever. Daroc has kept the right feeling of the original and developed the song into something great with the help of singer Dhalia Di Sandro. The cover is a part of Buffetlibres 80's cover project and was found on "Rewind 1". Now you can also find and download the next part of the cover project "Rewind 2" from their site consisting covers of OMD, Yazoo, Cyndi Lauper to mention a few.

Daroc feat. Dhalia Di Sandro - Behind The Wheel (Depeche Mode Cover)

Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel