Friday, July 24, 2009

From Brazil with a French touch

The trio from Brazil call themselves Pristine Blusters and are influenced of the French sound from artists such as Mr. Oizo, Justice and Daft Punk. But they also fancy the electronics of Kraftwerk and as they say "some good old rock".

Inspired of the French sound they have edited or remixed some of the hot names from Ed Banger Records. But they are also inspired by the Germans so therefore Munk has been remixed and of course their compatriot MC Gi. The best remix or edit I would say, must be the Uffie edit.

Justice - Let There Be Light (Pristine Blusters Big Bang! Edit)

Uffie - First Love (Pristine Blusters Edit)

Mr. Oizo - Positif (Pristine Blusters Remix)

Munk - Live Fast Die Old! (Pristine Blusters 'Never Dies' Remix)

MC Gi - Quer Romance (Pristine Blusters 'Dirty Bitch' Remix)