Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Digitalfoxglove vs. Freak You

Freak You is Franck from Antibes. He seems to be leading quite an agreeable life; living on the French riviera, running a wineshop (naturally) and the excellent label On The Fruit, as well as producing great electro or French touch tracks. So, if Freak You is a bottle of well-aged Château Pétrus, Digitalfoxglove from Hessen, Germany would perhaps be a nice Riesling. Mix them together and you'll... well, ruin two fine wines, but get this little gem of a track. The bouquet is filled with synth strings that seem cut out of an 80's movie, a sawing bassline and long menacing build-ups. I especially love the sharp handclaps. Perhaps I should have brought this to you earlier, but I think a week of lying in our mp3 cellar while I was out of town did it good.

Digitalfoxglove feat. Freak You - Beasts and Flowers


Anonymous said...

amazing !!