Monday, July 27, 2009

Fantastic nu italo from pinkMachine

I totally love this! It's awesome! It's fantastic! I got a new song named "Gabriel's Theme" from amazing pinkMachine to our SoundCloud. And I fell in love right away. It's like Giorgio Moroder and Jan Hammer has flown into the intergalactic future with pinkMachine as the guide.

pinkMachine is a busy guy based in Chicago. He specializes in production and conceptual based performances. He has two record shops named Hot Jams Records and Books In The City. He makes great music and he's also a DJ. And besides that he is also running the record label glamBoy musiQue, it will be fully launched in October this year. glamBoy has a great set-up with loveable artists such as DW, Daroc and Saber.

Tracasseur is proud to be the first and totally exclusive blog in the world to post these three promo songs from the forthcoming album "Return Of The Vice Lord". The release is set for December, so keep your eyes and ears open. We're going to tell you when it's out there!

pinkMachine - Gabriel's Theme

pinkMachine - Rettili Retro

pinkMachine - Ritorno Del Signore

And as a bonus we're also give you this fine song "Space Disco" that's already a classic to me.

pinkMachine - Space Disco