Friday, July 24, 2009

Headman a few steps ahead

For many years Headman (aka Robi Insinna) has always been a few steps ahead. He was kind of a pioneer of the punk-funk/rave disco movement with his mates over at DFA and Playgroup. He has released a couple of albums and he's also a fantastic remixer, almost everything that Headman lays his music hands on gets better than the original.

Headman's latest release "Dreampieces / Dirt" was out July 6th on his own label Relish Recordings. Check out these tunes where I believe that The C90's remix of "Dirt" is a fine one. Also the well-known Japanese producer Zongamin has remixed "Dreampieces" with a fine dark feeling. Buy and download the whole record here.

Headman - Dirt

Headman - Dirt (The C90s Remix Edit)

Headman - Dreampieces (Zongamin Remix)

And as I mentioned above Headman is king of remixes. Check out these awesome ones!

Roxy Music - Virginia Plain (Headman Rework)

The Units - High Pressure Days (Headman Rework)

The Invisible - OK (Headman Remix)

Hiras - Dirty Tricks (Headman 1-2 Mix Remix)

Shazam - Pool Party 2009 (Headman's Revlover Remix)