Wednesday, January 20, 2010

09/17 2007

You probably know it and have probably heard the track already, but French horror electro star Danger is releasing his new EP on Ekler'o'shock which includes the new hit "4h30". The EP is aptly named "09/17 2007" since the last one was called "09/16 2007". Release dates are January 25 for the vinyl and February 1 for the digital release.

Inspired by old video games, the concept of Danger's latest releases are that they're placed in different settings. "09/16 2007" was set in the jungle, and much like in video games when you level up, the settings changes. For "level 2" we're dropped down into urban surroundings that are meant to give you more of a street feel. That feel is also conveyed through the new promo video, which will make you want to rumble through your parents' basement for your old Amiga 500:

Pretty sweet, huh? Well, Tobbe of Dödselectro made this unofficial video last week, which is pretty rad too (and makes it two Terminator videos in a row):

Get the intense track in its full 320kbps glory:

Danger - 4h30


tobias dödselectro said...

pretty intense video!!! :D
thanks for spreading the word about my directing skillz guys. BIG UPS TRACASSEUR!

Anonymous said...

dig the terminator concept but what was that cut in the middle of the climax? also the gunshots wouldve been nice to hear to

beaumont said...

excellent fan video. suits the song to a tee.

Lone said...

Should really take the whole 8bit concept to completion like Flairs did with "Truckers Delight"!