Saturday, January 16, 2010


From Sydney, Australia we proudly present *drumroll* Polographia! Two young guys, Moktar Sharouny age of 16 and Daniel Stapleton age of 21. Impressive productions as if they been in the business for a long time. It all started in the beginning of 2009 when they started making music just for fun. They have always had a predilection to be experimental and different. They started out by making silly and strange music but soon realized that they were making not only different but also really cool sounds. They got more serious and Polographia was born in April 2009.

One of the first remixes they made was of the most remixed track last year (we have mentioned that in like zillions of posts last year) "1901" by Phoenix. They manage to make it into a new different track. 2.58 into the track there is something nice happening to the sound. They have played around with different sounds that they usually record themselves. In this remix they actually using the sound of a ripped paper. And it's a different and superb remix.

"Transform" is another success. Its one of their own favourite songs they have made yet. It started out as a joke when Moktar said to Dan they they should sample the sound of the transforming of the transformers in the movie Transformers. And so they did! After playing around with it the result became "Transform".

They are on their way releasing their debut EP "Delta" soon. They know that it's maybe to early to release one but they have too much creativity to share and we urge them to release it faster than you can say...Polographia...

Phoenix - 1901 (Polographia Remix)

Polographia - Transform

Damn Arms - Destination (Polographia Remix)


Trashbags Kids said...

1901 remix. is the best i have heard.


moktar said...

Yay :)

jono! said...

Eyes on Polographia...gonna make a big stir this year (:

Big Little said...

the 1901 remix is fantastic. Love the breakdown at 3:00.