Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeling noxious again

Productive as few, I Am Noxious makes music at a rapid pace. As we wrote in the post in December he makes a track in about two or three days. But what he makes in those few days, is great electronic pop music. This time we got our hands on two lovely new tracks that are a little different from before.

"This is a Ballad" is a slow track reminding of ballads from acts like Parker Lewis and Hot Chip. "Stranded on Love" is more pop than I Am Noxious has made before according to himself. I also must give you an older track "We Pray" that is said to be a demo. Demo or not, it's a fine tune with great cowbells. Don't forget to give your support to this talented youngster from London.

I Am Noxious - This is a Ballad

I Am Noxious - Stranded on Love

I Am Noxious - We Pray