Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sir Lancelot's Dj Tools #1

Hello guys and dolls! This is my first post this year, hope you enjoyed Tracasseur's "Best of 2009" lists. I've had an excellent NYE, with lots of oysters, champagne, fireworks and beautiful women around me. That's what she said...no really!

Here are some of my 12" vinyl records I've transferred especially for you. Hope you enjoy them and btw I don' think you will find these anywhere else in the blogosphere. They are all in 320kbit/s. Sir Lancelot says enjoy!

Cassius - La Mouche (played live by DJ Falcon)
La Mouche means The Fly and you can hear the buzzing sound all the way through. I've played this at Spy Bar last week and the crowd went crazy.

Les Rythmes Digitales - Music Makes You Loose Control (Remix)
This version is so hard to find. Love the build-up in it. Met LRD in NY back in -98 when he was still a brat and not producing Madonna.

The Mighty Bop - Too Deep
Deep and heavy jazzy tune. Very 2002...

The Mighty Bop - Fantasia
If you didn't like the other one maybe you like this.

Basement Jaxx - Samba Magic
Indeed pure magic!

Basement Jaxx - Eu Nao
Also another song I played at my last gig. Amazing response for this classic.

The Migrants (Play Paul) - I Thought That (Jules Spinner Tweaked Remix)
From 2005, so we're getting closer present time. Love the tweakin' sound in the middle.

Serial Crew - Need U (Muttonheads Remix)
One of the producers is Demon Ritchie from the old school house scene. This track is also from 2005.


getstellar said...

choice choons! lovin the chicago feel of mighty bop