Monday, January 18, 2010

Iceland's best kept secret

With a name reminding of a radio station in the capital of Northern Ireland maybe it's not that strange it's a secret that they actually are from Iceland. FM Belfast are kind of new to me, but they aren't new to everyone I could tell by 466,123 visitors at their MySpace. They are a fantastic band in all respects; first of all they have an inspirational electro-indie-pop sound and secondly they always put on an explosive, impulsive and unpredictable live show, with anything from 3 to 30 people on stage, always hitting the high notes and always leaving you with a smile.

They are about to re-release their debut album "How To Make Friends", which they released on their own label World Champion Records in 2008. But now it's time for "the real" release on Morr Music/Kimi Records this week. The first single out was "Par Avion" and it's about an Icelandic girl who moves to the Caribbean. Here is the video and a remix of fellow countrymen Retro Stefson:

FM Belfast - Par Avion (Retro Stefson Remix)

The next single is said to be "Underwear" and it's one of the strongest tracks on the album. Other great tunes are "Optical", "Synthia" and the two totally different covers of Rage Against the Machine and Technotronic. You can buy the great album here and you can also download "I Can Feel Love" from the album underneath this video to "Underwear".

FM Belfast - I Can Feel Love

2009 have been very eventful for the band, they finally played in their namesake city Belfast to a very pleased crowd. They've played a few festivals around the world and are booked for this years Iceland Airwaves festival. FM Belfast have also been active remixing tracks for other artists including múm, Retro Stefson, GusGus and Kasper Bjørke. Here are the greatest remixes of them, where I totally are in love with the remix of Bjørke's "Doesn't Matter".

Kasper Bjørke - Doesn't Matter (FM Belfast Remix)

Kasper Bjørke feat. FM Belfast - Back & Spine

Múm - Sing Along (FM Belfast Remix)


karsten said...

Thanks for posting "Back & Spine". It´s great!!!
The Rest...well... ;-)

You have also to check Kasper Bjorkes "Young again" - if you don´t know this already by now.
The Original and the whomadewho Remix as well, are both my ears!

Best Greetings from Cologne