Friday, January 8, 2010

Angie Audio, I presume?

That's the tricky question even after I've searched the MySpace of Angie Audio (or just Angie). The logo on the art just say Angie, but the title of tracks say Angie Audio, but the posters say both. I put my money on Angie Audio but I got to send them a mail in the morning to straighten things out. What I do know is that they are based in Houston, Texas and the man behind Tally Isham is the man behind Angie Audio. Stumbled upon these great tracks while visiting another fine and friendly blog named Playmaker, big ups for that. "Desert Lover" is a beauty!

Angie Audio - Desert Lover

Angie Audio - Unsolved Mysteries (Fast House Remix)

Angie Audio feat Damon Allen - 3 Girls Rain Dance


Level1Alt said...

pretty sure it's just angie. was already taken

Unknown said...

its angie audio, hes one of my friends here in houston...hes pretty badass and puts on a good show, has a lot of energy when behind the tables...