Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Get down dirty with In Flagranti

Tomorrow my favourite NY band In Flagranti is playing here in Stockholm. They have many aliases but their real name are Sasha Crnobrnja & Alex Gloor. They have released music since 2002 on labels like Codek Records and Gomma.

As NBC Washington said recently about them: "A new piece of X-rated synthesizer-disco from Brooklyn's In Flagranti. It's all implied filth, of course. Like The Rolling Stone's "Brown Sugar" or Lil' Wayne's "Lollipop" -and all the really good sexy music- it just sounds like it's dirty."

Below are some of my favourite works they've done. I've already posted their remix of Hercules & Love Affair on my "Best of 2009" list. So enjoy these songs and if you're in Stockholm 14th of January and want to see them live buy tickets at Debaser Slussen, where they will do their dirty performance, brought to us by our Swedish friends at 24:HOURS.

Bottin - Disco For The Devil (In Flagranti Mix)

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (In Flagranti Remix)

Golden Bug - Looklooklook (In Flagranti Remix)

Act Yo Age - La Fumo Loco (In Flagranti Remix)

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Anonymous said...

zohan disco disco <3

Blas said...

is that Arnie's Sloppy "Got My Torq Yesterday" Mix on the sidebar yours? its AMAZING! .. soooo what i needed right now. keep up the great work on the blog, i check it often when i need my electronic fix

Sebastian/Arnie B said...

lol! how much do i owe you blas?