Monday, January 4, 2010

As the Night Rolls On

This track is not that new, but it's Flashmen's latest one and it's great. So when we got a superb remix of this track by Brooklyn-based Jemex it was time for "As the Night Rolls On" to get some blog-time.

I have already written about Flashmen (also from Brooklyn) in August last year when I praised their "Little Wildkat" and I feel a little bit of shame leaving them out of my "Best of 2009" list with that fantastic tune. We were also among the first blogs to post their remix of Visitor's "Los Feeling". And these two guys behind Flashmen are going to have a blast in 2010, I believe. Their journey have just begun, 2010 could be "the year of the Flashmen". So when summing up the best tracks of 2010 I will definitely have a Flashmen track on it.

Jemex have had a lot of fine remixes out in 2009, among the artists remixed you find TV Off, Autokratz and Madison Avenue. The EP "Square 1" released in June is out on iTunes and Amazon where Jemex is featured by Dean Gray.

Here are the original "As the Night Rolls On" by Flashmen featuring Sewingpattern (named Guitar Edit), the Jemex remix and also the other remixes made of this track.

Flashmen feat. Sewingpattern - As the Night Rolls On (Guitar Edit)

Flashmen - As the Night Rolls On (Jemex Remix)

Flashmen - As the Night Rolls On (NightWaves Remix)

Flashmen - As the Night Rolls On (T-Minus 321 Remix)

Flashmen - As the Night Rolls On (Says Simon Remix)

As a bonus; the Jemex remix of "Little Wildkat".

Flashmen - Little Wildkat (Jemex Remix)


jemex said...

thanks for the love! Much appreciated,


Anonymous said...

nightwaves in 320 please =)

Anonymous said...

nvm, google rules


there's a discoballistic remix aswel

Jonas/Jonny Puma said...

Thanks for the tip Playmaker! And also thanks for the tip about Angie Audio. Yeah!