Sunday, January 10, 2010

On a musical crusade with Black Holy

Growing up in Lebanon playing the piano with mortar rounds and rockets blasting all around her made Black Holy finally end up in Sweden studying art. But first after leaving her homeland she moved to the US for high school, college and warehouse raves. At that time it was a lot of baggy pants, Fila sneakers and booty bass in her new American life. But around the age of 21 she got more into the indie music and classic rock.

Her musical influences are also different kinds of music with acts like The Durutti Column, Kid Creole and The Coconuts, DJ Kaos, Hawkwind, Jan Hammer and of course Air France. She suppose her music comes out of this, as she says herself "big schizo jumble". And the things that come out is very interesting. When I first listened to it I heard something different and new. A fresh sound that got my fully intention. It's dreamy, it has nice guitar harmonies and most of all, it's playful. You can sense that Black Holy had a lot of fun making her music. And it will soon bear fruit when her music is going to be on the Swedish Radio. Congratulations!

Keep your ears open this spring when Black Holy is going to release an album. Sounds very interesting because she don't want to talk much about it. The only thing she said was that it's going to be much more different from now, still kind of odd because that's her style, but she will sing and it's going to be more pop friendly.

I can also reveal something extra about her, she can skate and she learned at a young age on a summer vacation in Sweden of all places...

Black Holy - All Of It

Black Holy - Sergio

Black Holy - Dark at 16:00

Black Holy - Orobas


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