Saturday, February 13, 2010


Since it's Saturday night you might want to get down to some intense, energetic French style filter house? Until a few days ago I hadn't heard of Gremly, which in a way is pretty strange because a) he makes that sort of The Phantom's Revenge-style house that always strike a chord with me and b) he has made the equivalent of three albums last year.

Here are what I think are the highlights from his solid discography. My favourites are the a-Ha sample in "Blue Sky" and the familiar sample in "I Can Make You Happy", which I can't quite place. With the risk of making an ass of myself, I think it sounds like Earth Wind & Fire, but maybe one of our knowledgeable readers can shed some light.

EDIT: Grimly has confirmed that the sample is indeed from EW&F; the 1981 single "And Love Goes On" to be precise. Apparently all it took to throw me off was to leave out the chorus... Perhaps I'm not a big ass but maybe a Shetland pony or something.

Anyway, head over to Gremly's Bandcamp page and download the rest of the goodies for free!

Gremly - I Can Make You Happy

Gremly - Blue Sky

Gremly - Do You Remember

Gremly - Holiday Trip

Asia Cruise - Selfish (Gremly Remix)

Beat Crusaders - There She Goes (Gremly Remix)

Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes (Gremly Remix)

Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You (Gremly Remix)

Samantha Fox - I Surrender (Gremly Remix)


Unknown said...

Good post for a good artist :)

PFF (Palatable FunkFable) said...

this guy has amazing songs and remixes!! i'm gonna play them live! i'm sure people's reaction will be amazing!