Friday, May 28, 2010

Amari + Fare Soldi

From the Geneva area in Switzerland to the Friuli area in Eastern Italy and Amari's new single "Tiger" that we have listened to the last couple of weeks. The low-fi, five-piece disco-funk band includes half of DJ/remixing duo Fare Soldi. The EP comes with remixes by NT89, Bunuel, Cécile and Cerronza.

Enjoy the cinematic video, and if you get the chance to see one of Amari's eclectic live performances, you should take it.

Here's the mp3:

Amari - Tiger (Album Version)

Amari are also responsible for this classic remix of Settlefish, which is my favourite track from them. And I know it's one of the favourites of Pasta who is the member of both Amari and Fare Soldi.

Settlefish - Summerdrip (Amari Night Members Club Remix)

Speaking of Fare Soldi, they've just finished this remix of Funkabit.

Funkabit - Mininova (Fare Soldi Sederone Remix)


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