Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plasma + Digitalfoxglove

So, after the coldest winter in decades, and after ticking off spring in a few days, summer has finally hit Stockholm. I took the chance to spend the weekend out in the archipelago to charge the batteries before heading back to the blog mines. Ah, who am I kidding? Blogging is pretty smooth sailing for Tracasseur. Not least since we have a staff of a thousand monkeys to write for us. Just tell them what you have listened to recently, and they come up with these interesting and funny posts.

Today we're happy to bring you Tracasseur favourite Digitalfoxglove's brand new remix of Plasma's "Crazy". Plasma is a trio hailing from Chur, Switzerland who makes energetic dance punk. You'll have the chance to check them out when they play at Open Air in St. Gallen on June 26.

Pete's DFG remix is literally a couple of hours old and we're happy that he wanted to share it exclusively with our readers. The original is a couple of months old though, and great remixes by the familiar faces of I'm not a Band and Neo Tokyo have been out there for a while.

Plasma - Crazy (Digitalfoxglove Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Plasma - Crazy (I'm Not A Band Remix)

Plasma - Crazy (Neo Tokyo Remix)


carl said...

Brilliant that digitalfoxglove remix! Thanks for sharing these.

Josh said...

It's been too long, DFG, you beauty!