Saturday, June 19, 2010

Atlantis in Stockholm

A new club concept is coming to our hometown Stockholm in July. To celebrate the launch of Atlantis Despotz Records offer a brand new track from one of the acts performing at the opening night; Suck Shaft. It's a really great track the give us, liked it after the first time.

Suck Shaft are an up and coming Dj/producer-duo from Sweden who's remixed the likes of Stereoheroes, Basutbudet, Titiyo and O’Spada. This premiere evening their also going to do their first live performance ever.

Suck Shaft - There Are Children Here

The concept of the club are to experience the greatness of Atlantis and it's devastating fall during nine whole hours together with Suck Shaft, Style by Rats and Wildlife!

Wildlife! from Switzerland use to play with other great acts such as Sinden, Diplo (Major Lazer), Boy 8-bit, L-Vis 1990. Here is his latest remix of Poirier.

Poirier - 90's Backyard (Wildlife! Remix)

If you're interested in the new club Atlantis with premiere July 16 check out their facebook-event. The people behind Atlantis don't want to use the word epic instead they say: "Follow the Light"