Monday, June 7, 2010

Upstation EP

Our fine Russian friends of Upstation are back with some new material. Once again it's beautiful disco pop with influences as well from the 80s but also from the 90s. If you would compare them with today's music Cut Copy aren't a bad comparison or their countrymen of Tesla Boy. With other words; this is a awesome band well worth to keep an eye on.

We wrote about them back in November last year and when we heard them back then we were overwhelmed of their fine catchy sound with great synths. These four new tracks include a new version of "Get It On" and they are all great and even better produced than before.

At their MySpace they got another new fifth track "One Little Secret" that couldn't be on the EP due to a cool French label that are about to release it in a while. Take a listen over there because it's as great as these four ones.

Upstation - Get It On (new version)

Upstation - No More Promises

Upstation - She Won't Forget You Boy

Upstation - Take Me Out


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