Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Just Fine With You"

"Just Fine With You" is a new track by Gossip Culture, a one-man indie pop disco band from Cleveland, Ohio. Hailed by my new favourites Young Empires as music for "good vibes", this song is a piece of clean disco with 80s synths and a sax hook. I like it, it's a nice song that makes you feel a little happier.

An EP named "People Talk" is said to be released later this year. So later this year you will probably be a little bit happier.

Gossip Culture - Just Fine With You


Anonymous said...

Never thought i'd see something here from my a

Anonymous said...

a = area. Haha sorry about that. Keep it up Tracasseur!

David Drogowski said...

Gossip Culture: pure magic.