Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Preorder Hey Champ's debut album

Hey, you can now preorder Rockford's pride Hey Champ's debut album "Star" exclusively via their site. The official release is set to July 13. When you make the preorder you will receive half the record right away and the other half will automatically be emailed to you on July 13.

Hey Champ, the three-piece band that we wrote about in April when they released their single "Neverest". Now you can grab it here for free and check out the video with a Kurt Russell look-alike.

Hey Champ - Neverest

If you haven't heard about Hey Champ before, maybe you been away in outer space, but anyway, you should take a good listen to them because they're pretty good. I think the album are going to be great, maybe one of the best albums of 2010?! Here are five tracks as a sample from "Star", these are also the tracks you will get as the first half.

If you want more with Hey Champ, here are some older remixes they've made.

Yeasayer - Sunrise (Hey Champ Remix)

The Sounds - Beatbox (Hey Champ Remix)

Moneypenny - Say No (Hey Champ Remix)

Priors - What You Need (Hey Champ Remix)