Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tracasseur@Exit Festival in Serbia, July 8–11

Yes, Tracasseur are going on a tour, well not really a tour but we're going to the Exit Festival in Novi-Sad in Serbia this summer (July 8–11) for a dj-set on the Elektrana Stage. Yeah!

Exit Festival is a huge festival with fantastic bookings such as Miike Snow, Röyksopp, Crookers, Boys Noize, Moderat, Klaxons, Yeasayer, Midnight Juggernauts, The Horrors, Crystal Castles and many many more (see all bookings here).

The festival takes place at the beautiful and magical Petrovaradin fortress. What we've heard from friends and former visitors and acts, this festival is the best festival there is. So Tracasseur are really keen to be a part of this year's Exit Festival.

Tracasseur are playing together with our friends from Uppsala who runs the great club Glasnost, where we've been flipping records regularly. We're are performing under the name Tracasseur & Glasnost Showcase. And we will of course also report from the festival on daily basis here on the blog with movies, interviews and other juicy stuff.

As mentioned above we're performing at the Elektrana Stage. That stage is driven by Elektrana, that is a fantastic collective from Serbia that bring forward new and fresh electronic artists, talents, minds and everybody who creates music with brain, idea and attitude. They're also running Radio Elektrana with great success. We're hoping to bring some of the enthusiasts back to Sweden this autumn.

On the Elektrana Stage there are several other great bookings where some of Tracasseur's favourites actually are performing. We're proud to share the same stage with our favourites Tesla Boy, our Swedish friend Juvelen, the amazing We Have Band and the cool Brazilian remix duo The Twelves. It's going to be huge! Stay tuned for more on Exit Festival.

Tesla Boy - Dark Street (Removed by request)

Juvelen - All-Time High

We Have Band - Honeytrap

Terry Poison - Comme Ci Comme Ca (The Twelves Remix)


Unknown said...

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Carbon said...


See if you can fit some Paul, Lifelike, Barretso, Grum and the likes in your set! Also post here what time your on!

See you there!

Much Love


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