Friday, June 18, 2010


As we all know, Cut Copy is the greatest band in the World (they are by far the artist with the most plays on my account). And not only that, they are great remixers. Their way of melting together indie, house, synth and nu disco is probably among the most pleasant experiences you can inflict on the human ear, whether it's their own stuff or their remixes. I've even heard that they are curing hearing impairments in Australia just buy playing Cut Copy to the patients.

We also know that these guys aren't the only ones making awesome music in Australia. On the contrary, you can't throw a rock down there without hitting some awesome electro producer or musician. Someone like, let's say, Joel Dickson, better known as Nile Delta and half of Riot In Belgium. So what if Joel teamed up with a guy like Dan Whitford from Cut Copy? Would that be awesome? You know it!

The duo call themselves Voltage and their first EP, entitled "All Night" is out now on the great label Cutters (home of Knightlife among others). You really should pick it up over at Beatport, or how do remixes from In Flagranti, Ilija Rudman, Munk, Azari & III and Midnight Juggernauts alter ego Turkish Prison sound like? Awesome, huh?

Check out the video teaser and download the Radio edit and the remix from Canadiens Azari & III.

Voltage - All Night (Radio Edit)

Voltage - All Night (Azari & III Remix)


Anonymous said...

wasn't the cheapest purchase but it was totally worth it, I've played this release like 70 times in the last five days and i'm literally obsessed with it. nothing beats the original mix, but the turkish prison and munk remixes are ace. dan whitford can do no wrong.


Unknown said...

You forgot to mention the inflagranti remix floating around the net......