Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kids At Midnight remixed by Digitalfoxglove

Our friend Digitalfoxglove from Germany should be nervous right now. His team is up against Ghana in only one hour. The first match against Australia was a walk in the park but they lost against Serbia in the second. So now they have to win and as Digitalfoxglove said to me in the chat a while ago: "dare them Germans if they lose".

Speaking of Australia, Digitalfoxglove doesn't seem that he was nervous making the remix of Australian Kids At Midnight. Like always with Digitalfoxglove, it's great stuff. If I should give a simple explanation, he's a pro.

So with this post I want to give all my best to Germany and Australia. But I also cross my fingers for Serbia, because we got a lot of great fans there and we are going there this summer to play at the Exit Festival. Go Germany! Go Australia! Go Serbia!

Kids At Midnight - The Chase (Digitalfoxglove Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Kids At Midnight - The Chase