Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Self Control with Sunday Girl and Fenech-Soler

Laura Branigan covered Self Control from Raf who originally made it. Sunday Girl makes a fabulous cover of Branigan's version and Fenech-Soler makes a superb remix of Sunday Girl's version. Complicated? Not really, and to make everything clear for you, we got them all here for you.

Fenech-Soler has always been favourites of Tracasseur and with this remix they once again show their skills. Give it up for the four-piece band from the U.K and check out their album "Stop and Stare".

Sunday Girl is also from the U.K. but she's only a one-man show. Only 21 years old born as Jade Williams. The stage name Sunday Girl is from when she was young and worked in a pet store every Sunday. All customers used to call her "Sunday Girl". This Sunday Girl you should keep your eyes on seven days of the week in the future.

Sunday Girl - Self Control by Sunday Girl

Sunday Girl - Self Control (Fenech-Soler Remix)

Laura Branigan - Self Control

Raf - Self Control

Raf's version got a nice rap as bonus versus the other versions about 4.45 into the track. Don't miss out on that one.