Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fredrick Carlsson

Ok, I need to get some blogging done. The end of the university semester and the World Cup has affected my work-rate adversely (not to mention what six hours of vuvuzelas per day does to my creativity).

First thing I'll share is Swedish producer Fredrick Carlsson's new single "House" that was released on June 6. Fredrick is from Gothenburg, and his music is a mixture of pop, synth and techno and there's something very Swedish in his sound, especially in this track. I don't know what it is, but there's a melancholic feeling that makes me think of other great Swedish electro bands like Lo-Fi-Fnk or The Embassy. That melancholy might come from Swedish electro's close ties with indie pop or influences from old school British synth music. Or it may be a cry from our ancestors with their lonely lives in the middle of some vast pine forrest. I don't know.

One who doesn't have a background in indie music is Neon Workout, who have a background as a big bitpop and chiptune star turned italo disco afficionado. He revamped the track into a purposely crude, early 90s house-flavoured banger. Another longtime Tracasseur favourite and friend, Norwegian Pelifics, chose to turn it into a soft dreamwave track.

Fredrick Carlsson - House

Fredrick Carlsson - House (Neon Workout Remix)

Fredrick Carlsson - House (Pelifics Remix)

Fredrick Carlsson - Kristallpojken


PNAU - Embrace (Fredrick Carlsson Epic Remix)

Hammarin & Robin - Lingering Regret (Fredrick Carlsson Remix)


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