Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alexis Taylor + Steve Mason

Got this remix by Hot Chip member Alexis Taylor of Steve Mason's "Am I Just a Man". Steve Mason is the former lead singer and guitarist in The Beta Band (1996–2004). They played what people said to be some kind of "folktronica" and they were experimental. They received cult status in the underground scene.

Steve Mason is now going solo in his own name, he released own material before but under aliases such as King Biscuit Time and Black Affair, both was largely electronic based projects. Steve's new record is not that far from the sound they had with The Beta Band back in the days and he has gone back more to basics.

"Am I Just a Man" is the new Steve Mason single from the record "Boys Outside" that was released in May earlier this year. Alexis Taylor who also released a solo album in 2008 now got his hands of the song and has come up with quite a different remix that reminds me of some older Radiohead material that has flown back to the 60s or 70s.

Steve Mason - Am I Just a Man (Alexis Taylor Remix)

And as a bonus, here are two fine tracks from Alexis Taylor's solo album "Rubbed Out". It was a slower record compared with Hot Chip with ballads and sounds. Experimental, if we can use that word again, but you can feel the Hot Chip spirit in the tracks anyhow. If you had combined the tracks with more beats and synths it would almost be Hot Chip. "I'm Not A Robber" is the track from the album that are most Hot Chip.

Alexis Taylor - I'm Not A Robber

Alexis Taylor - I Thought This Was Ours


dislokated said...

Great find! I'm liking both the original productions.