Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exclusive track from Pao Pao

Pao Pao is also known as Fredrick Carlsson, returning Tracasseur readers have got to know him before. With the alias Fredrick Carlsson, he's earned a great reputation being a qualitative producer. With this new name Pao Pao he wants to explore his more personal expression instead, doing what's right for the moment. As he told me earlier today: "not music made for the radio".

This new exclusive remix for the hyped Swedish duo Karl X Johan is one of the first Pao Pao productions. But there's also a 2-track EP named "Dörr" that you can download at his MySpace for free and a track made together with Prizes that are named "Liberia". It's the B-side on this Blackbird Blackbird 7" release.

Karl X Johan are a duo consisting of Kalle J and Johan Tuvesson. If you are in to your Swedish electronic history, maybe you will recognize the voice of Karl X Johan. Johan Tuvesson was formerly the singer in the great duo Nicolas Makelberge, listen to their masterpiece "Dying In Africa" here.

But here is the new Tracasseur exclusive synthpop remix of "Flames" along with the original track. Enjoy them as much as I do!

Karl X Johan - Flames (Synthpop Rebuild by Pao Pao) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Karl X Johan - Flames