Monday, July 26, 2010

Preview the soundtrack for Tron Legacy by Daft Punk

That Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk are the creators of the soundtrack music to Tron Legacy (premiere December 17, 2010) haven't really been any news to anyone for a long time. But there have been fake tracks out there claiming being part of the soundtrack to the follow-up of classic Tron from 1982. These tracks below are confirmed as being on the official Tron Legacy site.

Thanks to our friends over at Hypetrak for the tip and the music.

Also watch the official trailer to Tron Legacy:


Anonymous said...

Pretty lame. If they wanted dark ambient they could have asked John Carpenter.

Hobbs(Zilla) said...

Part of being a talented producer is composing music that is slightly out of the norm of what people are used to hearing you make. Prime examples. Thomas Bangalter for Irreversible's soundtrack and Guy's work on Seb Tellier's Sexuality album.

Ztyx2000 said...

Nice idea from Disney to let two Tron freaks like Daft Punk make the music but judging from that playlist it does not soud really special at all. Funny you mention John Carpenter Anonymous, that would have been something for sure! Just went back and listened to some of hes soundtracks and they often set the right mood.

Lone said...

I think part of the point some are missing is that this is a limited sample that has no context, no scenes to fit the mood to. To use a some popular examples, both Blade Runner and the Matrix both have a lot of fairly low-key tracks that fit the moment very well (which is the point) but are subtle and break no ground outside of it.

Im excited for the movie and feel that there is a lot of potential for DP's music help bridge the original (which wasent dark) and the new. So far the samples sound like a balanced blend of classic bits (video games and 80s synth) with newer material.

Anonymous said...

Lone, I agree with you that sountracks in many cases are composed to set a mood with the visuals. In this case I think its also a strategic move from the market department on Disney. Fact is that Daft Punk is perhaps one of the first artists you come to think of when you see the aesthetics of Tron.

They can definitely help the movie to be more hyped since Daft Punk has this cult around them.
To be honest the preview music does not sound so interesting but looking forward to get the whole experience in December.