Friday, July 30, 2010

A date tonight with Walter Sobcek and then She's Gone

Stockholm. The clock is about twenty minutes past seven. I'm sitting alone in front of my computer writing words on the screen. Empty words? I hope not. Looking out the window and see the clouds blowing over the sky. It's going to be a windy night. What does this night have to offer?

In my mind I can refer to what happened earlier today. I remember chatting with Walter Sobcek, you know that mysterious guy from France that in real life are a duo from both France and Germany. My mind is playing games with me. But when I think more of it I also remember that they released 11 tracks last year that told a story about Walter Sobcek who went to America to find his lost girlfriend. Ahh, everything is coming back to me now. That's the true story.

Long time since I last wrote about Walter Sobcek. But what about the chat today?! That was also the true story. He told me he was in town. Staying at a nice hotel in the city. He also told me he had been here for a couple of days. He liked Stockholm, he said. I like Stockholm too. It's hard not to fall in love with this city. He said it would be fun to meet up later tonight. I got his phone number and he got mine. Maybe I could buy this French guy a beer or two.

Until the rest of the story is completed. I must listen to a great cover once again that Walter Sobcek did. Do you remember Hall & Oates? They had a song back in days. "She's Gone". Now it lives again. All thanks to Walter Sobcek.

Walter Sobcek - She's Gone

I also want to do Walter Sobcek a favour. Since it was a while I wrote about him (them). And since I missed out posting these fine remixes. Here you go Walter Sobcek. Hope you be happier now. And hopefully we meet tonight...

Housse De Racket - Oh Yeah! (Walter Sobcek Remix)

NightWaves - Sweet Carrie (Walter Sobcek Remix)