Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ODahl + kamp! once again

Once again these two join forces. Swedish talent ODahl makes a new remix of the upcoming and superb Polish band kamp!, that are said to be the Polish Cut Copy. ODahl made a fine remix of kamp!'s "Breaking a Ghost's Heart" back in November last year, you can find the remix together with the original here.

In May we wrote about kamp!'s new single "Heats" and since then we've got a couple of remixes. But it wasn't until we got this Tracasseur exclusive from ODahl that we really felt it was time to make the post. ODahl works with these fine nuances in his remixes and that what's so great with him. We can also reveal that we've heard that ODahl is up for some more shortly...

kamp! - Heats (ODahl Remix) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Ok, then I can already tell you that I was lying a little above. We got this remix from Polish Last Robots last week, and it's also great in another kind of way and it's been on the list for posting, but the pipeline for posts right now is kind of crowded.

kamp! - Heats (Last Robots Remix)

The Zambon 82' remix is not a stupid one either. Zambon is also from Poland by the way.

kamp! - Heats (Zambon 82' Remix)


Nathan_Grawesh said...

Thanks for writing about Kamp! - they're the best upcoming polish electronic band we have, and totally worth promoting.
Last Robots also made remix of another Kamp! tracks - Cosmological (one of their earlier works), but it's only avalible for listening, not download - http://soundcloud.com/lastrobots/kamp-cosmological-last-robots-remix
Hope You guys one day come to Poland for DJ set;)