Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freedom or Death, not a difficult choice when you can have them both

A new great band have been found. Once again from Toronto as our new favourites Young Empires. There's a lot of great music coming from Canada right now. With acts like FM Attack, Chauffeur, Lazercat and above mentioned Young Empires and my favourites Le Matos (soon to release a new album) Canada can be proud. If Australia was last year's music country, I'll have to say that Canada may be this year's.

The name of the band; Freedom Or Death. Two guys who released their first self-titled EP in June. They've been in the Canadian music industry for over ten years but wanted to leave the major labels so they instead could focus on the music as they wanted themselves. They refer to their songs as children and they were raised to be the best they could be on their own. Freedom Or Death didn't worry about how the songs/children fitted together, therefore their sound is a mix of genres from electronica, indie rock to folk.

Start by checking out this fine video for "This Crowded Room":

And then take a listen to the children below and then head over to your iTunes Store and buy the rest of the great EP.

Freedom Or Death - Lost In Dances

Freedom Or Death - Back For More

Freedom Or Death - This Crowded Room


caitlin said...

Digging These Guys!