Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tracasseur Exclusive: Katzenwaffe

Our fellow bloggers over at Disco Demons made a guide for contacting music bloggers the other day (an article that actually more people within the music business should read). After this post we got a fantastic email, correct in all aspects and with this hilarious touch in it. Of course it caught our eyes in the overfull inbox of Tracasseur.

Katzenwaffe stepped in to our living room with a fantastic new track that he wanted to give us and our readers exclusively, and not only that, for free too! What a guy, this Katzenwaffe!

But who is this Katzenwaffe?! He's a Swede, named Martin Carlson, besides producing he's also a graphic designer. His music genre is placed somewhere around electro, pop and disco. This exclusive track is also making him the slave of the arpeggio.

I like what I hear in "Slave to the Arpeggio" and I hope you do so too! And I told you earlier that his approach was extraordinary in many ways, and I love this quote that he wrote in the email conversation and that will finish off this exclusive post perfectly:

"Unfortunately today you can understand that the focus lies within the dubstep, that is supposed to be the shit. But when even your mother knows that Skrillex is a cool kid, you also know that the dubstep era soon will come to an end. Thanks for that!"

Slave to the arpeggio (Tracasseur exclusive) - FREE DL! by Katzenwaffe


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful track! PS Katzenwaffe gets bonus points for getting a hit in on Skrillex. Fuck Skrillex.

bunterhund said...

Thanks for the guide, most of it is common sense but it helps to look into the mind of a blogger. Nice song aswell and loved the ending.

Katzenwaffe said...

Thanks for enjoying my music! Much appreciated! Love the bonus points, but regarding my "hit" on Skrillex - I don't hate Skrillex or his music. So it's not a hit on him personally or his music, which I in fact I like. Or liked it, when it was new and different.

What I hate though, is when suddenly there's a trend going, and everything is dubstep, and drops, and epic wobbles – and competing to be the most Skrillexish. That's where we are right now. It doesn't matter if it's a cheeky pop song by Taylor Swift on YouTube. Someone WILL post the comment "IS THIS DUBSTEP?!" and someone will answer "YES! OMFG - didn't you hear that massive DROP?!?!", because also - everyone is throwing in a wobble of something nowadays. And if there's a wobble - IT'S DUPSTEP!

So, the hate is more aimed to everything around the dubstep-thing.