Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New video from Emmon!

Super fresh new video from our favourite Swedish girl Emmon. She has been quite busy this early summer playing live at all the best festivals in Sweden, both Arvikafestivalen and Peace & Love in Borlänge have been visited with success.

But she recorded this video before the summer gigs and she mentioned it in the interview Tracasseur held with her in May. In that exclusive interview we asked her about the video she was shooting and she said:

"In the video I should look sweaty, dirty and quite beaten up. For that reason, over and over I was poured with water and had to crawl around on dirty cellar floors in two days."

And with that quotation from Emmon I leave you guys with this fresh dirty video:

We have already posted this song earlier but once again here it is, but don't forget to give Emmon all your love and of course buy her great music here!

Emmon - Lips On Fire


Anonymous said...

otakt i början på videon.. sen ingen känsla i synthscenerna.. lite mer inlevelse?