Saturday, January 16, 2010

Disco in the house with TEEN

If you are dirty and was looking for something else, you are totally in the wrong place, but stay tuned anyway because TEEN is good in another way. TEEN is making great house music with that special sensual French touch.

TEEN was founded by two girls named Amy and Natalie but nowadays TEEN is exclusively run by Amy due to Natalie is in to other projects at the time. Amy was born in southern France, then she moved to New York and finally she became a Torontonian and that is not a bad choice because Toronto is said to be one of the most liveable cities in the world. She have roots in the punk music scene and parts of her influences are punk and rock n' roll music such as The Ramones, Rolling Stones and Daft Punk...

She describes the music like this: "TEEN is a convergence of the sharp edges of punk with the glamorous funk and bounce of disco – for a new-style of house music."

TEEN's remix of indie Torontonian Valery Gore is as the would say in French: "magnifique". I also throw in another great remix of "Shoes of Glass" along with the fine original because it's so different from the remix. Amy hopes to release a TEEN EP in the spring of 2010. I think it's going to be magic if it becomes reality.

TEEN - Sugar

TEEN - Montage (Panther's Salacious Sound Remix)

Valery Gore - Shoes of Glass (TEEN Remix)

Valery Gore - Shoes of Glass (Kidstreet Remix)

Valery Gore - Shoes of Glass


Anonymous said...

ive had 'sugar' on repeat since I downloaded it. cant believe a chick made this.

Anonymous said...

people in toronto are saying this 'girl' might be jesse from mstrkrft??

Anonymous said...

impossible. JFK is not capable of making music like this.

Anonymous said...

this is funkier - no doubt!