Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Am Noxious

Six posts in one day? You're worried we've become hooked on amphetamine? What can I say, Christmas is coming and we'll probably have other things to do than write for the blog. As probably you'll have instead of reading it. Besides, six is my favourite number...

Anyways, running the blog has become a bit like blog-trawling in Soviet Russia where the great new music searches you. A couple of weeks ago we were added by I Am Noxious on our Tracasseur MySpace. Sometimes we don't have the time to listen to the music that is up on people's MySpaces but I'm really glad I did so in this case. After listening a few times I was hooked on the track "Left & Right" which has been one of my absolute favourite tracks of the autumn. It's just such a lovely synth pop track and reminds me a lot of all those Swedish indie synth bands.

Mr T started the project as late as in June and he says he doesn't put that much time into writing the music. Instead he writes his tracks in two or three days and records them through the built in mic on his Mac for vocals and some percussion, while using different keys and plug-ins for the rest. The aim is not to write an intricate pop hit but rather to just convey a certain feeling by simple measures. I think he really succeeds with that, and it really takes some talent to create something bigger than the sum of individual parts, right?

I Am Noxious - Left & Right

I Am Noxious - Love Is A Stranger

I Am Noxious - Show You Everything


Anonymous said...

i like this thanks for posting. love as always :)