Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hurts with a Wonderful Life

We've only featured the great new U.K. band Hurts with remixes before by Fred Falke and Jamaica, that's a bit of a shame for us and hurtful. But now we will give you Hurts big time.

Hurts are a preppy duo from the UK consisting of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson. They make synth pop in a tremendous way. It's beautiful, got soul and it got the big inspiration of the 80s synth era of Depeche Mode and similar bands.

We'll start with their new single "Wonderful Life" that is released on August 23 and will be available digitally, on CD and vinyl. The track has been floating around in cyberspace for quite a while, but not in high quality, so I suggest you preorder the release. If you order the CD you will get a bonus track named "Affair" that aren't available anywhere else.

Here is the new video shot at Ibiza:

A remix of "Wonderful Life" by electro hip-hop legend Arthur Baker was also featured on Kitsuné 9. My favourite remix is however Freemasons, very good remix.

Hurts - Wonderful Life

Hurts - Wonderful Life (Freemasons Club Mix)

Hurts - Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix Kitsuné Edit)

Hurts - Wonderful Life (Mantronix Remix)

And we finish off with a little something for you who haven't tuned in properly with these fine gentlemen. Here's your chance, where I have gathered a bunch of Hurts tracks.

Hurts - Better Than Love

Hurts - Unspoken

Hurts - Blood Tears Gold

Hurts - Mother Nature

Hurts - Silver Lining


Vauncey said...

Hey guys, I recommend the Fred Falke remix of Unspoken. Really amazing version.

Hurts are another great band from Manchester, UK (where I live!) and I'm going to see them here on their first proper tour in October :-)

JonWed said...
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BLTP said...

love the hurts tunes