Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm Not A Band - Electrolin

From Berlin, Germany comes the violonic (violin + electronic) duo of I'm Not A Band. We've written about them before and posted a couple of remixes of them, but now it's time for their first full-length album "Electrolin" (electronic + violin) to see the light January 14.

I'm Not A Band consists of founder and musical brain Stephan J. and since 2010 Kassandra P. perfects the unique concept with her outstanding vocals and a second violin. They got a great live show that already have brought them to Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Great Britain. We hope to bring them to Sweden as soon as possible.

As an exclusive Christmas gift we got this final version of "This Is It" that will be the first track of the album. Wonderful track that also is I'm Not A Band's opening tune when playing live. Great build-up and perfect symbiosis between the electronic sounds and the violins, this kind of sum-up the result of I'm Not A Band.

I'm Not A Band - This Is It (Tracasseur version) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Next thing to sum-up their complete sound is the vocals of Kassandra P. as in mighty fine "Evelyn Eludes". You can pre-listen the complete album at I'm Not A Band's Soundcloud. Great album, much likely to be on top of the lists of best albums 2011.

I'm Not A Band - Evelyn Eludes

I'm Not A Band - Electrolin

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