Friday, December 24, 2010

jj Mixtape

Today is the official release date for jj's mixtape "Kills" (also mentioned as n° 4 in jj's chronological releases). jj are the duo from Gothenburg, Sweden making beautiful pop music. Located on the Swedish indie-label Sincerely Yours founded by The Tough Alliance and also nowadays on the American label Secretly Canadian.

"Still" is included on the "Kills" mixtape. "Let Them" and "I'm The One / Money On My Mind" was the single release for the mixtape and maybe you recognize the samples included in the tracks?

jj - Still

jj - I'm The One / Money On My Mind

jj - Let Them

Download the full mixtape over at Sincerely Yours' site. And check out the video for "Let Them" below. So this is a Merry Christmas from jj and Sincerely Yours!