Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some new fine tracks

Sometimes we just got to make a post with collected tracks from now without writing essays about them. Here are some great tracks from the kind of well-filled inbox that just have to be played!

Robyn needs no more introduction except she's great and so is A-Trak. We played this awesome remix on our two gigs in Spain, people loved it!

Robyn - Indestructible (A-Trak Radio Edit)

Latest track from one of our new favourite Germans of Final DJs is "Nighthawk". Another fine gem!

Final DJs - Nighthawk

Our fine friends of kamp! is remixed by their great Polish countryman Michell Phunk. As it seems we're going for a mini-tour in Poland together with kamp! in late January...more info to come...

kamp! - Distance of the Modern Hearts (Michell Phunk Remix)

Flashworx from the Alps of Switzerland brings this new amazing 80s italo-flavoured remix, perfect for any movie from back then.

Stevans - Morning Daze Of Mad Alien (Flashworx Remix)

And finally some heavier and darker tones from Swedish Owl Vision. It's death electro!

Owl Vision - Fields of Blow


Nathan Grawesh said...

Glad to hear about your plans to come to Poland;).