Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ride The Universe

Digitalfoxglove's latest project is a collaboration with Californian trio Fiero, whose remix of "Beasts and Flowers" will be included on the EP that is finally coming out in 2011, and will also include remixes by Diamond Cut and other cool people.

They call their project Ride The Universe and they have a lot baking in the oven. They have just finished a remix of Panda People, but future remixes include a soon to be released remix of RÜFÜS (which you can listen to a preview of on Ride The Universe's Soundcloud page), the new Fenech-Soler single "Demons" that will be released in January, and a remix of the collaboration between Futurecop! and Keenhouse, also in January.

Panda People - Sophisticated Girl (Ride The Universe Remix)

Digitalfoxglove ft. Freak You - Beasts and Flowers (Fiero Remix)  [Tracasseur exclusive]


Franck On The Fruit Records said...

great great post my friends. yeah the team is at its best right now

notcoolyet said...

sooooooo RAD

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love the synth pops in Sophisticated Girl. Any chance of a dub out there?

chris said...

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