Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review of The Tapeaters debut album "Visions"

One week ago The Tapeaters released their debut album "Visions" on American label OMG! Recordings. The Tapeaters from Russia are a duo consisting of Vadim Pukhov and Dimitri Kozlow, and they began as Tapeaters last year. They have released an EP and a couple of singles earlier during the year but now it's time for the full-length album.

"Visions" is an album that moves around in the lands of electro-pop. With clear influences from the 80s and early 90s new wave The Tapeaters superbly manage to bring something fresh into the scene of this synthy disco. You, who are familiar with the countrymen of Tesla Boy will be really happy to get to know The Tapeaters, they play in the same league. Vadim got this soft voice that sometimes reminds of Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode's more tranquil tracks but also of something by OMD.

"Satellite" is the strong first single from "Visions" that shows what The Tapeaters are all about. Nice funky bassline along with dreamy synth chords. "Satellite" was released with remixes by great names like Lifelike, Xinobi and Ghosts Of Venice, says it all I think.

The Tapeaters - Satellite

The Tapeaters - Satellite (Lifelike Remix)

The Tapeaters - Satellite (Xinobi Remix)

My favourite track so far is the italo flavoured "Reprise", which got me hooked after my first session. It's short but it's catchy. "Won't You Help Me Doc" is also flavoured by italo and some really nice synths.

The Tapeaters - Reprise [Tracasseur exclusive]

The Tapeaters - Won't You Help Me Doc [Tracasseur exclusive]

And if you are longing for something A-haish, then you got the perfect track especially made for early Sunday's lazy rave; "Sunday Morning (DJs Rave)" is the track for you.

The Tapeaters - Sunday Morning (DJs Rave) [Tracasseur exclusive]

Apart from above mentioned tracks the rest of the album is really good. A solid debut album from The Tapeaters that will keep you playing this record far into 2011. Go and get your own copy of "Visions" exclusively in high quality on Beatport and don't forget to write something nice on The Tapeaters fanpage. Nostrovia!


iinnax93 said...

Forbidden Hollywood - Bite (EP) (2010)

Forbidden Hollywood are an electropop and new wave duo from Russian Federation (Nizhny Novgorod) consisting of keyboardist Dimitri Kozlov and singer/songwriter Ilya Pavlov. Formed in 2010 after the breakup of their former band Sensor.
Their music is largely influenced by 80s pop music including Howard Jones, Pet Shop Boys, Yazoo, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Joe Jackson and A Flock of Seagulls.
Dimitri Kozlov also known as a half-part of The Tapeaters.
i like it more than The Tapeaters
check it out