Friday, December 17, 2010

MMMatthias: Phonat remix and "Best of 2010" mixtape

MMMatthias just sent over his remix of Phonat's new single "Ghetto Burnin'", and it's mmmarvellous! At the same time we got his latest mixtape that he says is effectively a "Best of 2010" disco mix, and we can't disagree with his picks. It's a live mix though, so there might be a couple of tracks that wasn't made this year. Don't feel aggrieved if you find an old track; instead marvel at your extraordinary music knowledge!

Pick up the whole "Ghetto Burnin'" release at Beatport and 'like' MMMatthias on Facebook!

Phonat - Ghetto Burnin' (MMMatthias Remix) by MMMatthias

MMMatthias - CHORDS Mix by MMMatthias


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