Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cavaliers of Fun

As me being away to a little town of Sweden with no internet. A small small town where internet haven't found it's way yet. No, internet is of course there, but I have been busy taking care of my family and making porridge to Santa...

But now I'm back and I've got a fine but late Christmas gift to you. It's Cavaliers of Fun, who I found through our new friends down in Australia; Not Cool Yet (check out their blog, it's great). Cavaliers of Fun is a one-man show from the UK named Ricco Vitali. He's on a music trip in outer space, as he writes on his MySpace: "Imagine a one man space odyssey to discover new worlds, new beats, new sounds..."

I think this guy haven't got that love that he deserves yet in the blogosphere, so give it to him, because it's really really good! Dreamy retro synths with a great space production as equals as Deluce, Worship and Pelifics. Also check out his fine remixes, where the one together with Portuguese Anagramme on Dragonette's "Fixin To Thrill" is a pearl.

Cavaliers of Fun - Secret Galaxies

Cavaliers of Fun - 2012

Dragonette - Fixin To Thrill (Cavaliers of Fun and Anagramme Remix)

The Teenagers - Feeling Better (Cavaliers of Fun Remix)

NightWaves - Fascination (Cavaliers of Fun Remix)


Anonymous said...

tracasseur one again u made my day..jesus ur the best blog team, no joke, loveed the dragonette mix in a way i can explain. cc from mexico

Anonymous said...

hi.. i am dogpark from lastfm jeje.. sweet stuff.. ! thanks for the post..

Anonymous said...

We did a post on this guy a while back as well. We love COFun! Thats actually how we ended up getting that NightWaves remix from him as well.

Nice writeup!

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