Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Guess I should write a longer post but I'm in a hurry to the release party for the Swedish party blog Lost Sthlm, so I just give you a splendid tease from Matias Aguayo's music archive instead. This is one of my favourites by the argentine. Check out his MySpace here and buy a better version than this 128kbps I put up here.


Owl@Home said...

This song was on the Rapture K7! Tapes I believe! so good!

Sir Lancelot said...

Yes It's very cool and original

FashionMafia said...

Hehe Very funny picture there!


Caisa Ederyd said...


Matias Aguayo will be playing at the SMS festival in Croatia this September! It's going to be great! Other acts include Nathan Fake, Carl Craig, Friendly Fires, Optimo, Theo Parrish and Girlcore. Check it out at

Cheers x