Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sir Lancelot's Subway Minimix part 1

As I already mentioned before I've bought a Pacemaker (no I don't have a heart condition, but a constant need to mix music) so I can Dj where ever I go nowadays....I mean everywhere. In the line at the bank, eating lunch, buying food at the supermarket, walking in the street and of course my favourite; in the subway.

So here it is: my first subway minimix. All the way from my home station Skanstull to Östermalmstorg. I actually was so into my mix I forgot where I was and got off at the wrong station...

There are some minor glitches in the mix probably coming from busy passengers bumping into me....It's nearly 30 minutes long and perfect for a subway ride.

Francisco - Fregna the Age
Tantra - The Hills of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Remix)
Cosmo Vitelli - Sex Attack
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (In Flagranti Remix)
Alpha Child - Gamma Ray (Franc Spangler Remix)
Lindstrom - The Contemporary Fix
Serge Santiago - Black Jack (Alternative Remix)